OpenPOWER Summit 2021

Michael Gielda

Michael Gielda is VP Business Development at Antmicro, Chair of Outreach for CHIPS Alliance, Vice-Chair of Marketing for RISC-V, and a member of the Marketing Committee for The Zephyr Project. A Computer Science graduate, he worked as a researcher in the fields of IoT and embedded systems before going on to found Antmicro.

Michael is involved in many open source software and hardware projects related to software-driven tools and methodologies, AI, FPGA, ASIC development (among other things). He is working to build collaborations between projects with common goals, and expanding the lessons learned from the success of open source software into other fields.


Antmicro: Software-driven Hardware in the Data Center: LibreBMC, Renode, RowHammer Test Platform and more
Michael Gielda

Antmicro Keynote by Michael Gielda