OpenPOWER Summit 2021

Rob Mains

Rob Mains is a 38 year industry veteran, former engineering vice president of Oracle and Sun Microsystems distinguished engineer, where he lead an organization of over 200 software researchers and developers. Prior to this, Rob was a principal engineer at Magma Design Automation, and originally a senior engineer at IBM involved in numerous technical areas for the development of IBM Power and S/390 systems.

Rob has in depth experience in software development, electronic design automation, IT management, semiconductor technology, microprocessor circuit design, and chip construction methodology. In his career, has had the privilege of working in multi-company collaborations, understanding the dynamics of multiple players, and working towards win-win solutions for all. He is the holder of 13 U.S. patents.


CHIPS Alliance: Building an Open Source Hardware Ecosystem: From Foundations to Rooftops
Rob Mains

This talk will explore the creation of an open source hardware ecosystem that is composed of many ingredients. The talk will look at different parts of the hardware ecosystem, from baseline technology ingredients, EDA tooling, IP building blocks, and implementation, and how organizations such as CHIPS Alliance, OpenPower, and RISC-V International are working together to help make the vision a reality. The talk will also highlight the need to build a diverse and inclusive talent pool from the bottom up.