OpenPOWER Summit 2021

2021-10-28, 12:15–13:00, RoomA

In the recent days, Machine Learning & Neural Networks also freely referred to as Artificial Intelligence has grown so rapidly that it is no more a system used only by Researchers in Universities, but, has evolved so much that it is now actually deployed at Enterprise level across Organizations for their Production environment to analyse the data & gather meaningful insights from it. Many industries and organizations that have incorporated AI into its infrastructure have gained a competitive edge compared to their peers & this happening across industries. With AI in industries helping organizations building solutions for the betterment of the industries in an efficient way, employees can focus on things such as communicating and strategizing to build solutions that solve problems that is otherwise side-lined. With the advancement in Technology, Companies are continuously embedding more & more powerful resources in the chips so they can process complex & resource heavy Big Data, Cloud & AI Applications. The latest chips being open-sourced also paves the way for running Enterprise AI Applications. One such great example is IBM POWER9 system which addresses complex workloads such as Cognitive & Enterprise AI Applications. The POWER9 systems with its high powered GPUs help organizations manage their data on transactional information & Product feature that can be easily analyzed & get insights with the Machine Learning (ML)/Deep Learning (DL) Models.

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As there is lot of data available these days & we can get the data from the appropriate sources, we are able to train our AI Models with the given data to create Enterprise-ready AI Applications. But these applications need processors that are well equipped to handle millions of workloads. Here, since the POWER9 system is powered by NVidia Tesla V100 Core GPU the performance is similar to 100 CPUs with just a single GPU. Hence, we can safely say that POWER9 systems are a preferred computing platform to handle huge workloads.
With NVidia powered GPUs we can easily perform data mining, data analysis, scientific computing, data plotting, and other machine learning tasks using Python ML Packages such as NumPy, Pandas, Scikit-learn etc. & also Deep Learning using packages like PyTorch. In addition we can easily train n-layered Neural Network & train the model within few hours. The POWER9 system in itself provides a comprehensive list of package related to the Machine Learning/Deep learning & if the user requires more packages to be installed that can be installed with the conda installer. Jupyter Notebook can be used to write the code for data analysis, statistical analysis, and data visualization and run machine learning algorithms.
Expected Contributions: The Enterprise AI Applications can run efficiently on POWER9 system. The workload optimized frequency (WOF) method implemented in POWER9 provides a means to maximize performance for our ML/DL Models without any crashes. The problem of build dependency errors when installing a package can be overcome by installing its dependency packages first before installing the actual Python package.
1. Building a model to improve the Vehicle Price Prediction using parameters like Vehicle Manufacturer, Vehicle type, Number of engines, Age of Vehicle, etc.

Vaibhav Raja is a Data Scientist and Research Scholar at Object Automation Software Solutions, a start-up company based in Chennai, India. Vaibhav is familiar with a variety of programming languages and interested in adding new skills to his repertoire. He is proficient in Machine Learning and Deep Learning Programs and currently working on ML use cases using IBM’s AIX OS.

Sridhar Ramasubramanian is a Technical Consultant/Data Scientist with 10 + years of experience in ERP Consulting & last few years in the Data Science Domain at Arista Consulting LLC, which has offices in Detroit, US & also in Hyderabad, India. Sridhar is familiar with a variety of programming languages and especially interested in adding new skills related to Data Science to his repertoire. He is proficient in Machine Learning and Deep Learning Programs and currently working on ML use cases & plan to use IBM’s POWER9 systems.