OpenPOWER Summit 2021

Testing Framework to port and optimize SIMD library to OpenPOWER Systems
2021-10-28, 16:00–16:10, RoomA

To port Intel x86 intrinsic to OpenPower intrinsic, we have to make testing framework. Porting must be accurate and without error or mistake. Test cannot be done by hand. It must be done automatically.
In porting process, result must be same and it is indispensable. Performance must be good. Must be able to measure and compare latency and throughput. This testing framework will made by open source.
This testing framework is executes both Intel x86 and OpenPower machine. Both is connected by network because both is not build on same machine.
We cannot test all pattern so we generate random data to test. Input data both Intel x86 Systems and OpenPower Systems and check result value is equal.
Network Module may be made by Python and Testing module may be made by C language extension of Python

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I am researching for porting Intel intrinsic to IBM Power intrinsic.

I am from Japan.

I am opening study group in Japan

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