OpenPOWER Summit 2021

Prepare yourself to switch computing to Open Hardware Power Architecture
2021-10-28, 14:45–15:30, RoomA

We expect before the end of 2021 to see the life of three prototypes of the Open Hardware GNU/Linux PowerPC Laptop. The project started in late 2014, after a brief summary of the previous episodes and the latest update regarding the prototypes trough the recent electronics shortage and increase of the costs. We disclose how you can take part on the pre-production run. This difficult project, under an uncertainly period 2015-2021 to design a Power Architecture notebook, how is inserted in the constellation of an Open Hardware Power Architecture computing switch. As this is a Community Driven open hardware power architecture project we see how you can be a protagonist of this switch.

Roberto Innocenti is one of the founders of the project Open Hardware PowerPC Notebook and an ambassador of the project. President of the association Power Progress Community which deals with the promotion and dissemination of free software and open hardware. Ambassador and responsible in the last humanist forums of the area “Technology for improving the living conditions of mankind”. Roberto is a software architect with Open Source tools, by profession.