OpenPOWER Summit 2021

Introduction to the LibreBMC project
2021-10-28, 14:45–15:30, RoomD

Baseboard management controllers (BMCs) sit at the heart of the boot and control infrastructure in the datacenter, so they require a unique functionality set. Based on work to improve open source FPGA tooling, it’s now possible to replace traditional BMC ASICs with soft processors running on low cost FPGA hardware while still running the familiar OpenBMC software stack. To demonstrate this, the LibreBMC project was created and is being run under the OpenPOWER Foundation. Taking advantage of OCP’s DC-SCM spec, Antmicro has created the first ever open source DC-SCM 1.0 modules with LibreBMC supported FPGAs. This allows drop in replacement on existing designs, fully verifiable hardware, and the unique opportunity to do software style deployment of new “hardware based” security features (like memory tagging) even after hardware has been deployed in the datacenter!

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Todd Rosedahl works in IBM's server division focusing on firmware and system architecture in the area of power, thermal, and performance management. Recently he has led aspects of the OpenBMC effort, was heavily involved in OpenPOWER, and has been a proponent of all things open source. Currently he is a co-leader of the LibreBMC work group.