OpenPOWER Summit 2021

Open Hardware through Open Power SBC
2021-10-28, 16:10–16:20 (US/Central), RoomA

We aim to bring togheter a group of people that is interested in the hardware that they use to build the platform of the future. There are a lot of SBC that are very affordable and performing but none of them are based on Power architecture.
I started in december 2020 to design the Django0's schematic, a SBC based on the last (in 2020) accessible low power Power Based CPU, the NXP T1040, but unfortunately it has a loss in terms of cost/performance, in relation with competitors.
The actual Django design is slowly turning in a proof of concept, but what we want to support is the knowledge of the requested know-how that can be reused for upcoming power architectures, and make it open and available to all the community.
We want to be ready for the next Open Power step!

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Manuel Virgilio is a member of the Power Progress Community association, currently a software engineer and a hardware designer. Actually supports some porting from little endian to big endian and is trying to make powerpc64-be available on freedesktop-sdk.