OpenPOWER Summit 2021

coreboot on POWER9
2021-10-28, 16:00–16:45 (US/Central), RoomC

coreboot is open source firmware development framework that powers more then
10% of desktops, laptops and workstations. It supports multiple architetcures:
x86, ARM, ARM64, RISC-V. Bringing it to OpenPOWER means introduction of
established and sizable community, diverse economy of licensed service
providers as well as less complexity during new hardware integration.

This talk will present the progress of porting the POWER9 architecture to
coreboot along with Talos II and Talos II Lite machines (FSF RYF certified).
This project became possible with the cooperation of 3mdeb Embedded Systems
Consulting and Insurgo Technologies Libres/Open Technologies. We will present
problems and hardships encountered during the work and other exciting stories
with the initial results of the first hostboot code audit conducted as part of
the work. Finally, we will present the current state of the booting process on
Talos II using coreboot.

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Multi-disciplinary executive running several companies in the embedded systems and semiconductor industries, including 3mdeb, LPN Plant, and Vitro Technology.

My work has made firmware more secure on millions of devices around the world. I help companies to realize their products’ potential by supporting upgradeability and enabling advanced hardware features through firmware. As an open-source evangelist, I am an active member of the Open Source Firmware (e.g. coreboot UEFI, LinuxBoot, TrenchBoot, Yocto) and Linux communities. Currently focused on Dasharo and lpnLight products.