OpenPOWER Summit 2021

OpenCAPI Consortium: Strategies for CXL’s success in a world of proprietary Coherent Busses
2021-10-28, 09:20–09:35, RoomA

As the excitement around the promise of CXL builds, industry incumbents have continued to rapidly innovate with their own proprietary coherent interconnect busses.
These developments only serve to confuse what our Industry Standard future landscape will look like.
This presentation will showcase a potential path for CXL to flourish by existing alongside these proprietary busses without the processor companies having to sacrifice their proprietary solutions.

The presentation will conclude that the integration of CXL with an Industry Standard Near Memory bus will drive CXLs rapid organic growth in a shared memory centric world.

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Mr. Cantle comes with a wealth of technical and business experience. He founded Nallatech, a computer hardware and software firm, that specialized in field-programmable gate array (FPGA) technology applied in computing. He held the positions of CEO with full P&L responsibility growing Nallatech’s revenue at a 50% CAGR. He also served as President and Founder, where he was responsible for the product roadmap based around solving real application problems with the best heterogeneous computing solutions.

Currently, Mr. Cantle is the CEO of Nallasway Inc., a consulting company in the area of distributed, heterogeneous, high performance computing solutions. In addition, he continues to serve on workgroups in a variety of standards bodies. Mr. Cantle’s passion for open standards, coupled with his technical collaboration experience and business savvy, makes him the perfect candidate to take the OpenCAPI Consortium into the next phase. His charter includes growing the ecosystem by establishing relationships amongst complementary organizations and facilitating amongst developers and universities to initiate products and projects.