OpenPOWER Summit 2021

The OpenPOWER Foundation’s Summit brings together leaders, members, and contributors of the OpenPOWER community and ecosystem.
In 2021, we’re going virtual to learn and engage with the community that is building OpenPOWER silicon, systems, and applications.
At OpenPOWER Summit NA 2021 there will be :
- A variety of technical presentations
- Some tutorial sessions
covering a wide range of topics including OpenPOWER ISA's, Open CPU's, FPGA development, Accelerators, OpenCAPI, Databases, HPC, System design.
This event will bring together Open Hardware & Open Software Solutions within the OpenPOWER ecosystem.

The Keynotes will come from thought leaders of the OpenPOWER ecosystem
A virtual sponsorship area showcasing OpenPOWER member solutions both hardware and software.