OpenPOWER Summit 2021

Abhishek Sharma

He is a passionate engineer in the field of embedded systems and IoT domains. He graduated in electronics and communication engineering from Motilal Nehru NIT Allahabad. Currently working as a Research scholar with Object Automations solutions ltd. He has worked in the field of Robotics, UASs development, and SOC design. Areas of interest include Machine learning, deep learning, and Soc design.

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SoC in Hours - A Power Chat
MANIKANDAN NAGARAJAN, Vinod Bussa, Dr. Sumalatha, Abhishek Sharma, Harinagarjun

SoC in Hours - A Power Chat
1. OpenPOWER - A matured ISA
2. Art of System Building - Its Libre-SoC
3. Microwatt in FPGA - A Rapid Flow
4. Tapeout Microwatt in a click
5. Bug the SoC - A Fire test