OpenPOWER Summit 2021

Jim Handy

Jim Handy of Objective Analysis is a 35-year semiconductor industry executive and a leading industry analyst. Following marketing and design positions at Intel, National Semiconductor, and Infineon he became known for his technical depth, accurate forecasts, industry presence, and numerous market reports, articles, white papers, and quotes. He is frequently invited to speak and act as a panel moderator at trade events. He posts blogs at, and

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Panel: A Complete Re-Think for Memory Configurations
Tanj Bennett, Jim Handy, Brian Allison, Tom Coughlin

The industry has begun to reconfigure the standard memory topology, and these new configurations promise to make computing systems better than ever. Enormous pools of cache-coherent disaggregated “Far” memory will be made available to all processors, even coprocessors, and will be read and written using standard memory protocols no matter which processor accesses it. “Near” memory is set to move away from limiting DDR interfaces to support larger capacities at higher speeds while using less energy to move data around. What will this do to computing system architecture? How will it be supported? Which applications will benefit the most? Will other systems use this approach outside of the realm of supercomputers? In this session a panel of distinguished industry participants will share their sometimes-contradictory/sometimes-controversial views on these questions and more as the audience learns that there are many alternatives vying to win out in this space.