OpenPOWER Summit 2021

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  • ANANTH Fabless SoC
Abhinandan S P

I am an Associate Professor at NIE

  • OpenPOWER ISA curriculum
Abhishek Sharma

He is a passionate engineer in the field of embedded systems and IoT domains. He graduated in electronics and communication engineering from Motilal Nehru NIT Allahabad. Currently working as a Research scholar with Object Automations solutions ltd. He has worked in the field of Robotics, UASs development, and SOC design. Areas of interest include Machine learning, deep learning, and Soc design.

  • SoC in Hours - A Power Chat
A C Venkatesh

Research Scholar at JNTUA

  • ANANTH Fabless SoC
Adithya Gopan

I am a senior student, currently doing a Bachelor of Technology degree, with Electrical Engineering as major, in Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, one of the best colleges in India. I hail from Kerala in South India. I am quite fluent in British English. My fields of interest include Machine Learning, VLSI and coding in python and Java.

  • Next-gen Dynamic UAV using Power9 Systems
Allan Cantle

Mr. Cantle comes with a wealth of technical and business experience. He founded Nallatech, a computer hardware and software firm, that specialized in field-programmable gate array (FPGA) technology applied in computing. He held the positions of CEO with full P&L responsibility growing Nallatech’s revenue at a 50% CAGR. He also served as President and Founder, where he was responsible for the product roadmap based around solving real application problems with the best heterogeneous computing solutions.

Currently, Mr. Cantle is the CEO of Nallasway Inc., a consulting company in the area of distributed, heterogeneous, high performance computing solutions. In addition, he continues to serve on workgroups in a variety of standards bodies. Mr. Cantle’s passion for open standards, coupled with his technical collaboration experience and business savvy, makes him the perfect candidate to take the OpenCAPI Consortium into the next phase. His charter includes growing the ecosystem by establishing relationships amongst complementary organizations and facilitating amongst developers and universities to initiate products and projects.

  • OpenCAPI Consortium: Strategies for CXL’s success in a world of proprietary Coherent Busses
Allen D. Malony

I am a Professor in the CIS Department at the University of Oregon. I received my Ph.D. degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in October 1990. I joined the UO CIS faculty in 1991, spending my first year as a Fulbright Research Scholar and Visiting Professor at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. I received the NSF National Young Investigator award in 1994. In 1999, I was a Fulbright Research
Scholar to Austria, resident at the University of Vienna. In 2002, I was awarded the Alexander von Humboldt Research Award for Senior U.S. Scientists by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. I was promoted to Full Professor in 2004. In 2016 I was named as the Fulbright-Tocqueville Distinguished Chair to France, and in 2018, I
won the Fulbright for the Future award from the Franco-American Fulbright Commission. My areas of research interest include high-performance computing, parallel performance analysis and tools, and environments for computational/data science. I am the Director of Oregon Advanced Computing Institute for Science and Society (OACISS), an institute dedicated to advancing HPC in domain areas across the UO. Finally, I am the CEO of ParaTools, Inc, a company started in 2004 with my colleague, Dr. Sameer Shende, who is the ParaTools President. ParaTools consults in high-performance computing and performance tools.

  • The TAU Performance System
Ander Ochoa Gilo

Ander Ochoa Gilo is Cognitive Computer Leader at IBM Europe and has been IBMer since 2000, enjoyed most of IBM departments working as infrastructure consultant in GBS, Linux developer in SW, Power Architecture pre-sales and then Systems Architect at IBM Systems. He has worked with Linux almost since its inception and is a devoted OpenSource believer. In the last two years he has been working in all types of Red Hat OpenShift, Cloud Pak for Data and other Analytics solutions as SAP Hana. Currently he is leader of the Cognitive Systems group for SPGI working with a group of fantastic professionals.

  • Differential Software Solutions on HPC and IBM Power Architecture
Andreas Grapentin

Andreas is a Research Assistant at the Hasso Plattner Institute, where he works on shaping the future of operating systems on heterogeneous and disaggregated systems. He enjoys teaching the basics of Operating Systems and has lectured at multiple Universities across Germany, as well as online. He helps maintain the GNU/Linux-libre distribution of parabola, and he is leading the efforts of making parabola available on the OpenPower and RISC-V ISAs. He is an associated member of the Free Software Foundation, an accomplished open-source contributor, a full-time dad, and in his spare time he enjoys debating the benefits of free software, as well as collecting, playing and tinkering with his various electric guitars.

  • Beyond Machine Boundaries: Experience with Memory Disaggregation
Arghya Kusum Das

Arghya Kusum Das is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the University of Wisconsin - Platteville. He earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science with an emphasis in Scientific Big data Analysis from Louisiana State University, USA. Dr. Das's research focuses on the scalable and efficient analysis of scientific big data (e.g., genomics, and healthcare data). It includes both development of large-scale software frameworks and proposing new hardware architecture for efficient data analysis. His research also focuses on the secured transfer of big data over the Internet using Blockchain and other decentralized technologies. Das is currently working towards developing an innovative, online platform, and curriculums to spread quality education in the field of big data analysis, AI, HPC and related technologie

  • A course on Accelerating Big Data Analytics Application with FPGA and OpenCAPI to Improve the Reach out
  • A Course on Machine Learning for Software Developers
Bagavathy Priya

Bagavathy Priya is a data analyst at ShopUp, a startup company
based in Bangladesh. Bagavathy is passionate about Artificial Intelligence and
familiar with machine learning, deep learning, and other statistical concepts. She is
proficient in python, SQL, and BigQuery and currently working on ML use cases
using IBM's POWER9 server.

  • Geo-AI applications using on IBM open POWER 9 systems
Barat. T

I am an Aeronautical student pursuing degree in Hindustan university, Chennai. With the world marching towards an advanced and automated future , I am interested in building AI based projects which helps solving one of the most challenging obstacles in the prevailing situation. I am well versed in avionics and aerodynamics department which helps me understand the AI topics more deeply.

  • Next-gen Dynamic UAV using Power9 Systems
Brian Allison

Brian Allison is an IBM Senior Technical Staff Engineer and Chief Engineer for External Engagements including CAPI and OpenCAPI. Over his 25 year career at IBM, Mr. Allison was the Chief Engineer of various industry leading IBM chip sets that spanned cache coherent, memory and node controllers. His expertise is in computer architecture and logic design. In his current role, Brian leads the IBM enablement team that drives partner led solutions including OpenCAPI in various ingress, egress, and CPU off-load transforms.

  • Panel: A Complete Re-Think for Memory Configurations
Daisuke Oka

I am researching for porting Intel intrinsic to IBM Power intrinsic.

I am from Japan.

I am opening study group in Japan

I have connpass account

  • Testing Framework to port and optimize SIMD library to OpenPOWER Systems

Deepthi Babu doing Aerospace Engineering in Karunya Institute of Technology and an intern at Object Automation Software Solutions, a leading data science solutions and services company at Chennai, India. She is familiar with a Hardware of drones and interested in adding new skills to her repertoire. She is proficient in Aerodynamic Stimulations and Gas Dynamics.

  • Next-gen Dynamic UAV using Power9 Systems
Dhabaleswar K (DK) Panda

Dhabaleswar K (DK) Panda is a Professor and University Distinguished Scholar of Computer Science and Engineering at the Ohio State University. He is also the Founder and CEO of X-ScaleSolutions, Inc. He has published over 500 papers in the area of high-end computing and networking. The MVAPICH2 (High-Performance MPI and PGAS over InfiniBand, Omni-Path, iWARP, and RoCE) libraries, designed and developed by his research group (, are currently being used by more than 3,200 organizations worldwide (in 89 countries). More than 1.45M downloads of this software have taken place from the project's site. This software is empowering several InfiniBand clusters (including the 4th, 10th, 12th, 20th, and 31st ranked ones in the TOP500 list and many OpenPOWER clusters). Prof. Panda’s research group at OSU has been focusing on High-performance and scalable Distributed Training of popular Deep Learning Frameworks (TensorFlow and PyTorch) using MPI-driven libraries. These enhanced versions are available from Prof. Panda is a regular Keynote Speaker, Invited Speaker, and Tutorial Speaker for many events including the ones focusing on OpenPOWER platforms (OpenPOWER Summit 2018 and 2020 and several OpenPOWER Academic Summits). During the last 20 years, he has presented 79 Keynote Talks, 185 Invited Tutorials, and 363 Invited Talks. Prof. Panda is an IEEE Fellow. More details about Prof. Panda are available at

  • High-Performance and Scalable Middleware for HPC and Deep Learning on OpenPOWER Platforms
Donglai Dai

Dr. Donglai Dai is a Chief Engineer at X-ScaleSolutions and leads the company’s R&D team. His current work focuses on developing scalable efficient communication libraries, checkpointing and restart libraries, and performance analysis tools for distributed and parallel HPC and deep learning applications on HPC systems and clouds. He has more than 20 years of industry experience in engineering management and development of computer systems, VLSI, IoT, and interconnection networks while working at Intel, Cray, SGI, and startups. He holds more than 10 granted US patents and has published more than 30 technical papers or book chapters. He has a Ph.D. degree in computer science from The Ohio State University.

  • High-Performance and Scalable Middleware for HPC and Deep Learning on OpenPOWER Platforms
Dr. Peter Hofstee
  • A course on Accelerating Big Data Analytics Application with FPGA and OpenCAPI to Improve the Reach out
Dr. Sumalatha
  • SoC in Hours - A Power Chat
Felix Eberhardt

Felix Eberhardt is a researcher at the Operating Systems and Middleware Chair of Prof. Andreas Polze at the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam. His research interests are performance analysis and optimization for workloads in scale-up systems. He participated in several industry projects with IBM, SAP and in an european project (SSICLOPS).

  • Beyond Machine Boundaries: Experience with Memory Disaggregation

A research scholar in the field of Front end VLSI Design Verification and an industry expert as ASIC/ SoC Design Verification Architect with strong experience in System Verilog, Verilog & UVM (Universal Verification Methodology. Developed multiple SoC level Test bench Architectures from the scratch for many complex designs across the domains. Has vast experience in FPGA, ASIC & SoC Design & Verification Life Cycles.

  • SoC in Hours - A Power Chat
James Kulina

James is Executive Director of the OpenPower Foundation, with over 10 years of open source experience across hardware, software, and network engineering disciplines. James brings a passion for open source and is committed to growing OpenPower Foundation’s membership, community, and ecosystem.

He is a serial entrepreneur with a background in enterprise technology and has worked in roles spanning operations, business development, product management, and engineering.

Previously, James was co-founder and COO at, an open source cloud-native virtualization startup acquired by Ant Financial. Prior to that, he led product management in Red Hat’s OpenStack group, and was a product lead on AT&T’s first OpenStack Cloud.

James graduated from University of Virginia with a degree in Electrical Engineering and is based in New York.

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  • OpenPOWER Summit 2021 Closing Remarks
Jean-Paul Chaput

Jean-Paul Chaput holds a Master Degree in MicroElectronics and Software
Engineering. He joined the LIP6 laboratory within SU (formerly UPMC) in 2000.
Currently he is a Research Engineer in the Analog and Mixed Signal
Team at LIP6. His main focus is on physical level design software. He is a
key contributor in developing and maintaining the Alliance/Coriolis VLSI
CAD projects for CMOS technologies. In particular he contributed in
developing the routers of both Alliance/Coriolis and the whole Coriolis
toolchain infrastructure. He his now a key contributor in extending
Alliance/Coriolis to the Analog Mixed-Signal integration for nanometric
CMOS technologies.

  • Coriolis2 -- A FOSS RTL to GDSII toolchain
Jim Handy

Jim Handy of Objective Analysis is a 35-year semiconductor industry executive and a leading industry analyst. Following marketing and design positions at Intel, National Semiconductor, and Infineon he became known for his technical depth, accurate forecasts, industry presence, and numerous market reports, articles, white papers, and quotes. He is frequently invited to speak and act as a panel moderator at trade events. He posts blogs at, and

  • Panel: A Complete Re-Think for Memory Configurations
Kim McMahon

Kim McMahon is the Director of Visibility & Community Engagement at RISC-V International. She comes to RISC-V with a deep background in marketing for open source and technology. She has spent her career with companies such as SGI, Cray, VMware, Cloud Native Computing Foundation, and the {code} Team at Dell, where she honed her love for HPC, open source, and cloud native. Working with startups, large companies, and all in-between, she brings her expertise in visibility and community strategies to spread awareness, engage the community, and grow an organization. She is a frequent speaker at open source events such as KubeCon + CloudNativeCon, Open Source Summit, and with publications speaking about diversity in technology. Kim has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Accounting from the University of Northern Colorado. She lives in Winter Park, Colorado and enjoys hiking, skiing, and outdoor activities with her two labradors Coal and Connor.

  • The Open Hardware Diversity Alliance: What it is, why it’s here, and how you can get involved!
Luke Leighton

Luke Leighton is a Libre Ethical Technology Specialist.
He has been using, programming and reverse-engineering computing
devices continuously for 44 years, has a BEng (Hons), ACGI, in
Theory of Computing from Imperial College, and recently put that
education to good use in the form of the Libre-SOC
Project: an entirely Libre-Licensed 3D Hybrid CPU-VPU-GPU based on
OpenPOWER. He writes poetry and has been developing a HEP Physics theory
for the past 36 years in his spare time.

  • Draft SVP64 in-place Matrix Multiply and FFT / DCT for OpenPOWER

He is an enthusiastic engineer with the aspiration of electronics engineering and Chip design. He has 11+ years of Industrial, research and academic experience. Currently conducting research on VLSI architecture for Domain Specific Applications at SASTRA University, India. Research interest includes Architecture development for computing platforms and System on Chip design. Exploring open source tools for chip making.

  • SoC in Hours - A Power Chat
Manuel Virgilio

Manuel Virgilio is a member of the Power Progress Community association, currently a software engineer and a hardware designer. Actually supports some porting from little endian to big endian and is trying to make powerpc64-be available on freedesktop-sdk.

  • Open Hardware through Open Power SBC
Michael Gielda

Michael Gielda is VP Business Development at Antmicro, Chair of Outreach for CHIPS Alliance, Vice-Chair of Marketing for RISC-V, and a member of the Marketing Committee for The Zephyr Project. A Computer Science graduate, he worked as a researcher in the fields of IoT and embedded systems before going on to found Antmicro.

Michael is involved in many open source software and hardware projects related to software-driven tools and methodologies, AI, FPGA, ASIC development (among other things). He is working to build collaborations between projects with common goals, and expanding the lessons learned from the success of open source software into other fields.

  • Antmicro: Software-driven Hardware in the Data Center: LibreBMC, Renode, RowHammer Test Platform and more
Piotr Król

Multi-disciplinary executive running several companies in the embedded systems and semiconductor industries, including 3mdeb, LPN Plant, and Vitro Technology.

My work has made firmware more secure on millions of devices around the world. I help companies to realize their products’ potential by supporting upgradeability and enabling advanced hardware features through firmware. As an open-source evangelist, I am an active member of the Open Source Firmware (e.g. coreboot UEFI, LinuxBoot, TrenchBoot, Yocto) and Linux communities. Currently focused on Dasharo and lpnLight products.

  • coreboot on POWER9
Rajalakshmi S


  • AI acceleration in POWER10
Robert Montoye
  • The Toy-SRAM Project
Roberto Innocenti

Roberto Innocenti is one of the founders of the project Open Hardware PowerPC Notebook and an ambassador of the project. President of the association Power Progress Community which deals with the promotion and dissemination of free software and open hardware. Ambassador and responsible in the last humanist forums of the area “Technology for improving the living conditions of mankind”. Roberto is a software architect with Open Source tools, by profession.

  • Prepare yourself to switch computing to Open Hardware Power Architecture
Rob Mains

Rob Mains is a 38 year industry veteran, former engineering vice president of Oracle and Sun Microsystems distinguished engineer, where he lead an organization of over 200 software researchers and developers. Prior to this, Rob was a principal engineer at Magma Design Automation, and originally a senior engineer at IBM involved in numerous technical areas for the development of IBM Power and S/390 systems.

Rob has in depth experience in software development, electronic design automation, IT management, semiconductor technology, microprocessor circuit design, and chip construction methodology. In his career, has had the privilege of working in multi-company collaborations, understanding the dynamics of multiple players, and working towards win-win solutions for all. He is the holder of 13 U.S. patents.

  • CHIPS Alliance: Building an Open Source Hardware Ecosystem: From Foundations to Rooftops
Sameer Shende

Sameer Shende serves as the Research Associate Professor and the Director of the Performance Research
Laboratory at the University of Oregon and the President and Director of
ParaTools, Inc. and ParaTools, SAS in France. He serves as the lead
developer of the TAU Performance System, Program Database Toolkit (PDT),
HPCLinux, and Extreme-Scale Scientific Software Stack (E4S). His
research interests include performance instrumentation, compiler
optimizations, measurement, and analysis tools for HPC. He leads the SDK
project for the Exascale Computing Project (ECP), in the Programming
Models and Runtime (PMR) area to provide ECP Software Technology (ST)
products in a containerized environment for HPC.

  • E4S: Extreme-scale Scientific Software Stack

He is a 3rd year student in Bsa Crescent Institute of Science and Technology - Chennai, pursuing Bachelor of technology degree with Computer science Engineering as his major, currently interning at Object Automation Solutions as a Data Scientist and ML Engineer. His areas of expertise include Data Analysis, Building Machine Learning and Deep Learning models, Deploying and optimizing trained models.He is Heavily motivated towards providing AI solutions to Pressing Global problems.

  • Next-gen Dynamic UAV using Power9 Systems
Sridhar Ramasubramanian

Sridhar Ramasubramanian is a Technical Consultant/Data Scientist with 10 + years of experience in ERP Consulting & last few years in the Data Science Domain at Arista Consulting LLC, which has offices in Detroit, US & also in Hyderabad, India. Sridhar is familiar with a variety of programming languages and especially interested in adding new skills related to Data Science to his repertoire. He is proficient in Machine Learning and Deep Learning Programs and currently working on ML use cases & plan to use IBM’s POWER9 systems.

Sri Kamani

Working as a Technical Lead in Object Automation Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd, with 10 years of experience in software development and management.

  • Next-gen Dynamic UAV using Power9 Systems
Tanj Bennett

Tanj Bennett (Avant-Gray LLC) has worked both on software and hardware. In the last decade he was software architect at Bing and then hardware architect at Azure. During his work in Azure his focus became the memory system since that has become the largest, hardest, and most expensive problem for the cloud. He now consults on topics related to system architecture, memory, and interfaces.

  • Panel: A Complete Re-Think for Memory Configurations
Tim 'mithro' Ansell

Tim 'mithro' Ansell is a software engineer at Google and has been developing open source software for 20+ years. Tim has recently started trying to shake things up in the hardware accelerator development ecosystem by removing roadblocks to having a completely open ecosystem. Recently he worked with SkyWater Foundry to release a fully open source, manufacturable PDK for their 130nm process node and is funding a free shuttle program for open source designs. He has also contributed to projects in the open EDA ecosystem like OpenROAD, OpenRAM, Magic, and many others.

  • A fully open source memory controller targeting LPDDR4/5 for FPGA and ASIC use cases
Todd Rosedahl

Todd Rosedahl works in IBM's server division focusing on firmware and system architecture in the area of power, thermal, and performance management. Recently he has led aspects of the OpenBMC effort, was heavily involved in OpenPOWER, and has been a proponent of all things open source. Currently he is a co-leader of the LibreBMC work group.

  • Introduction to the LibreBMC project
Tom Coughlin

Tom Coughlin, President, Coughlin Associates is a digital storage analyst and business and technology consultant. He has over 40 years in the data storage industry with engineering and senior management positions at several companies. Coughlin Associates consults, publishes books and market and technology reports (including The Media and Entertainment Storage Report and an Emerging Memory Report), and puts on digital storage-oriented events. He is a regular storage and memory contributor for and M&E organization websites. He is an IEEE Fellow, Past-President of IEEE-USA and is active with SNIA and SMPTE. For more information on Tom Coughlin and his publications and activities go to

  • Panel: A Complete Re-Think for Memory Configurations
Toshaan Bharvani
  • OpenPOWER Working Groups Walkthrough
  • OpenPOWER Collaboration Walkthrough
Vaibhav Raja

Vaibhav Raja is a Data Scientist and Research Scholar at Object Automation Software Solutions, a start-up company based in Chennai, India. Vaibhav is familiar with a variety of programming languages and interested in adding new skills to his repertoire. He is proficient in Machine Learning and Deep Learning Programs and currently working on ML use cases using IBM’s AIX OS.

Vinod Bussa
  • SoC in Hours - A Power Chat
Wu Feng

Wu Feng is a Professor of Computer Science at Virginia Tech (VT), where he directs the Synergy Lab and serves as a VT site director for the NSF Center for Space, High-Performance, and Resilient Computing (SHREC) and director of the Synergistic Environments for Experimental Computing (SEEC) Center. In addition, he holds appointments in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Health Sciences, and Department of Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics. His research area encompasses parallel and distributed computing, ranging from architecture to systems software and tools to applications, with the goal of enabling scientists and engineers to focus on their science and engineering rather than on the computer science and engineering. He is perhaps best known for his research in energy-efficient computing (e.g., Green Destiny and The Green500 List: and large-scale cloud computing for the life sciences (, which was included in a series of worldwide commercials for the Microsoft Cloud.

  • A Vision for Transforming 21st-Century Pedagogy via Open Standards: OpenPOWER
Xinghong He

Dr. Xinghong He is an HPC/AI application specialist at IBM Garage for Systems supporting customer benchmarks and PoCs world-wide. He holds a Ph.D. degree in Theoretical and Computational Physics from Queens University of Belfast. His areas of expertise include mathematical modeling, Linux and AIX systems performance tuning, distributed and share memory parallel applications performance tuning, low latency and high throughput tuning for financial market data systems.

  • IBM Bayesian Optimization Accelerator